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Aim of Sushruta clinic

Our main goal is to provide relief to our patients suffering from all kinds of ailments and illnesses at the most affordable prices. The highest quality medicines along with Authentic Panchakarma therapies work towards one’s wellness and cure. The operative results of anorectal diseases are not satisfactory due to various post operative complications recurrences and impairment of rectal continence. 
The management of ano rectal deseases by Kshar sutra, a para surgical techenic is mentioned in the litrature of ancient Indian medicine. So it was planed to evaluate the role of kshar sutra in the management of anorectal diseases. With this object the upgraded center for Kshar chikitsha and colorectal diseases was established in 1999 to provide the economical, safe and guaranted treatment for various ano rectal diseases by Kshar sutra and other Ayuvedic remedies with the help of modern diagnostic procedure based on scientific parameter. The  Anorectal diseases like fistula in Ano haemorrhoids, fissure in Ano, Sentinal piles, Rectal polyps, rectal prolapse, Anal stenosis and pilonidal sines are treated successfully by Kshar Sutra with high cure rate of 98-100%.

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