Anal stenosis, also known as an anal stricture, is the narrowing of the anal canal, located just before the anal sphincter. Anal stricture is a medical problem that is not common; it may be congenital (a baby is born with a medical problem), but usually if it does happen it is after anorectal surgery, which is surgery in the area of the rectum and anus.

This may cause stricture (when a passage in the body becomes too narrow) of the anal canal, which leads to hard or painful bowel movements. When anal stenosis does occur it is usually after a hemorrhoidectomy, which is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids; this is the cause in 90% of cases of anal stenosis.

Mild stenosis can be treated with stool softeners or fiber (which come from plant foods) supplements (in pill or powder form). When the narrowing of the anal canal is not too much, an operation called a sphincterotomy can be done to correct the problem. This is an operation done on the internal anal sphincter muscle, a round muscle inside the anal canal. In cases where the anal canal becomes very narrow, an operation called an anoplasty is done. This is reconstructive surgery (also known as plastic surgery) of the anus.

Management of anal stenosis by kshar sutra

Role of kshar sutra in anal stenosis is excellent. Kshar sutra is applied in anal stenosis after creating a anal fistula at post anal region just like closed posterior sphincterotomy is done for chronic fissure in ano.The kshar sutra is changed at weakly interval till the tract is cut through. Lastly the index finger is passed easyly in anal canal, next proctoscope is passed to its full length. Now the anal canal is widely dilated. Average recovery time is about 7-8 weeks. Total 10 patients of anal stenosis of vayring degree from moderate to severe  was treated by us by kshar sutra during the period from 2009-2015. The regular follow up study was done 1-5 years, during this period not a single patients complaints any tye of anal problem.

Thus it could be calculated the role of kshar sutra in anal stenosis is excellent without any complication as compared to the modern surgical procedures applied in anal stenosis.