Piles has been defined as vericosities of haemorrhoidal plexuses in the mucocutaneous lining of anal canal. It is common disease of Anal canal for which the patients complains to his physician


Chronic constipation, irregular repeated stool, attack of diarrhoea & dysentery, pregnancy, hereditary factors, chronic straining at stool, abodminal tumour,  cirrosis of liver and low fiberous diete. 



Clinical feature

Bleeding per anum during defaecation and protrusion of mass at anal orifice replaced digitally or itself after defaecation. Other symptoms of piles are mucous and blood discharge, itching at perianal region, anaemia due to chronic blood loss, palpitation, tachycardia and breathlessness.


  • Medical Treatment.
  • Injection treatment.
  • Band ligation.
  • Lord,s anal dilatation
  • Cryo Surgery
  • Haemorrhoidectomy.

Complications after surgery


Post operative severe bleeding, Anal abscess with fistula formation, recurrences and Anal Stricture.

Kshar sutra treatment for piles


After diagnosis and investigations the Kshar Sutra is ligated into the piles mass under local anaesthesia. All the piles masses are ligated at the same session. Patients is admitted in the hospital for one day and next day he is discharge. Post operatively 5-7 days Antibiotics and Analgesics are recommended. Hot sitz bath twice daily and mild aperient like panchsakar churna is given at night to pass out the soft and easy stool in the morning. 3 ml. Jatyadi tail enema is given morning and evening daily before defaecation.

Post operative care


Patient is asked to keep active himself and avoid long sitting, strenous works and two wheeler vehicle for one
month till the wound is soundly healed up.