rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse is a circumfrential prolapse of rectal mucosa through anal orifice during dafaecation, which is
replaced it self or digitally. Generally it occurs during child hood and persists through out the life. Both sexes and all
age groups of patients may be affected of the disease.


Faulty habit of dafaecation durng child hood, chronic constipation with long straing at stool, attack of diarrhoea,
dysentry and irregular stool.


1. Anterior resection
2. Rectopexy
The operative results of rectal prolapse are not satisfactory. Recurrences, repeated desire to stool and phychological disturbances are common post operative
complaints of the patients.

Thiersch’s Suture

A pursestring  future is applied under deep subcutaneous perianal tissues. The dilated anal outlet is narrowed. The Suturing matterials used are stainless steel wire or prolene. The rectal prolase is stopped.

Drawbacks of Sutures

Some times the wire is break up and prolene knot is slipped which needs further suturing. I have treated 27 cases of rectal prolapse by using the silk surgical thread during the last 29 years with good results. 90% cases were cured. In 10% cases the suture teared within 6 months. The partial prolapse reoccured but the patients were satisfied as compared to the prolapse before suture.